Clash Of Robots

NTIC hosted her traditional IT competition, titled INFOTECH, in the view to boost use of technology and encourage students to create projects in different categories on 16th of May, 2016 on NTIC Abuja Coed Campus. The displayed categories include ‘Computer Design’, ‘Computer Art’, ‘Lego Robotics’ and ‘Short Movie’.


The 4th edition of the INFOTECH among NTIC schools was held this year in which 36 talented competitors participated from all NTIC branches. In the competition, the participants got the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in the area of virtual world, to promote creativity and innovation. All projects were evaluated by the judges. The top three position holders were awarded with certificates and prizes which were a quad copter, large size helicopter and middle size helicopter respectively to the winners. All participants were also awarded with 16GB flash drive.


By Erkan Yildirim H.O.D Computer Department

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