Our Partners

SURAT Nigeria Ltd is a company with main investment in the areas of education and health and whose objective is geared towards building human resources and raising responsible individuals who are equipped with necessary skills and knowledge of the contemporary world. Nigerian Tukish along with its partner companies which are listed below, all fall under the parent company Surat Nigeria Ltd.


 Nile University

The parent company of NTIC (SURAT Nigeria Ltd) came up with the idea of having a world class university in Abuja, to provide students with opportunities of quality university education that will bring out the best in them to make them stand tall through time and ready to face the challenges of a globalized world.

Nile University visualizes itself as becoming a vanguard university that gains the respect of the world through academic excellence by providing the highest quality university education for students from around the globe. It consists of three major faculties with about 18 departments in total.  Click here to visit site


Galaxy Prep Center

The  GALAXY UNIPREP CENTRE / Abuja, is a continuing education Centre working in collaboration with the management of  Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC), Abuja to specifically cater and prepare post-secondary school students  for national and international examinations.

With the years of successful academic records of accomplishment, the center has been able to establish partnership with universities and colleges abroad especially in United Kingdom and Republic of Turkey. We offer the UK University Foundation programme (UFP) a pre-requisite for admission into UK universities right here in Nigeria. On successful completion, students move straight into UK universities to complete their courses.  Click here to visit site


Aydinlar Edu

Aydinlar Educational Limited is an Educational Consulting Agency operating in Nigeria to provide students with opportunities to study in Turkey and other Foreign Countries. Courses available ranges from Undergraduate, Post-graduate, and PhD.

We provide professional training in Education such as Teachers Training, Certificate Programs, Career Counseling Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, etc. with the collaboration of reputable universities across the world.

Our goal is to create a platform where Students, Corporate and Government Organizations will empower themselves by exposing its members to the best training in the field of education abroad.  Click here to visit site


Vefa Tourism

Vefa Tourism and Travel Ltd. our traveling and tourism agency caters for traveling needs of people commuting from Nigeria to Turkey and other parts of the world as well as tourism needs. Click here to visit site


Nizamiye Hospital

Nizamiye Hospital is located in Abuja, it provides a high quality health care service in all medical specialties in its 5 story building which covers an area of 12.000 m2. Since 2013, Nizamiye Hospital, an important constituent of Abuja health care system, has dedicated itself to serve its patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods among high quality and reliability.  Click here to visit site